Aspose.Diagram Product Family

Flowchart shapes are missing after convert to PDF (4)
Connector Line Becomes Very Thin (3)
Text Resizing (3)
Connection points not correct for multiple connections ( 2 ) (27)
Exception when loading a diagram under Mac OS (Xamarin Mac) (14)
Bug when converting to Pdf (6)
Extra lines appearing on html-version of Visio (7)
Queries with Aspose.Diagram for .NET (6)
Shadow Removed (4)
Red Dots Appearing on Shapes (4)
Red Crosses Appearing (4)
Dotted line turns into a filled line (4)
Blue Crosses (4)
Arrow Heads Removed (4)
Font changes when saving vsd as vsdx (4)
VSD->Gif shape errors (2)
Arrowhead reversed in SVG and PNG output (3)
Wrong themed colors (3)
Gif dithering (2)
Text location for connector shapes (15)
Unwanted text wrap in SVG, PNG output (3)
Missing shapes in PNG, SVG conversions (4)
No Underline (3)
Time and Date Format (3)
Text deletion (3)
Text changing colour (3)
Shape Curves Are Becoming Edged (2)
Gradient Inside a Shape (2)
Sans to Serif Font Change (2)
Off page connector has been removed (2)