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2 quick questions

Two questions that are hopefully quick and easy to answer:

1 - I have a word doc with mail merge fields (attached). If there is no entry in a field (eg address line 2) I want the document to not leave a space, so the address flows correctly. I have tried mailmerge.removeemptyparagraphs = true but this doesnt make any difference. Is there anything special I have to do to the document itself?

2 - Once the document is created, I want to save a copy of it to the web server and display a copy for the user to print. I have tried each of the differeent save options but do not seem to be able to get this to work. Any ideas?

Many thanks


Sorry nothing is attached. This forums system seems to ignore the attachments sometimes, I hope our webmaster will fix it soon.

MailMerge.RemoveEmptyParagraph works when after filling the merge field(s) in a paragraph all is left is just a paragraph break. If you have a space or comma or something left after the data is inserted then the paragraph is not empty and therefore not deleted.

About saving, please specify more details. What do you do, what do you expect to happen and what's happening. Do you have any error message or what?

I have attached wdlcert.doc. What I want to happen is if one of the address lines is blank eg Address2 on page 1 of the attatched then the rest of the address lines move up. Is there any way of doing this? I have made sure there are no spaces after the fields.

You have a TAB character before the field and that makes the paragraph non empty and therefore it is not deleted when IsRemoveEmptyParagraphs = true.

Turn on display of special chars in MS Word and you will the tabs. Delete the tabs and use paragraph left indent instead to indent the text.