Breaks Dotfuscator



I'm having some trouble obfuscating our software with Dotfuscator and it's getting hung up trying to load the module "Aspose.Excel.dll". The exact error is:

"Index was outside the bounds of the array."

Can you post a version of (or later) that's compatible with Dotfuscator and ILDASM?

Thanks, Natan.


Does your software run fine with Aspose.Excel if you don't obfuscate it?


If we don’t obfuscate any of our code, we can successfully complete a
build and everything works fine. We won’t be able to publish any
new releases until this problem is solved, since we can’t release code
that’s not obfuscated.

This problem started when we switched from to
We’re also having difficulties with Dotfuscator and Aspose.Pdf so I’m
sure this isn’t specific to Excel.



Hi Natan,

We use XenoCode to obfuscate our software and since v3.5.3 we set it to suppress ildasm. Now I switch this option to off in this attached fix.


That worked. I would imagine many of your customers are using
Dotfuscator, so it might be best to stop suppressing ILDASM. Even
if someone manages to disassemble your code, it’s still properly