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Hello Ben,

I was finally able to get your demo going. I was not able however to get the recurrence to generate me dates for more than 1 year. If I put an end date of 2010, I would like the algorithm to generate we all the date until this end date.

Is source code available for this product? We try to purchase only third party libraries where source code is available so we are able to maintain the product should the supplier go out of business.

Also could you please remove my posting from your forum, it contains my contact information and I don’t wont it publicly available on the Internet.

Thank you



Dear P,

1. The Evaluation License allows you to calculate occurrence dates for period 01/Jan/2000 - 30/Jun/2000 only.

2. Yes you can purchase the source code of Aspose.Recurrence please check its pricing at Pricing when you choose Included at the Source Code option.

3. I have abbreviated your first name into a letter. While your post doesn’t include any other private info so I keep it to help other customers who may experience the same problems. Thanks for your understanding and you’re encouraged to post here further.


Is there a way to save the state of the recurrence dialog. I would like to save the state of the dialog in a dataset and be able to reconstruct it.



Hello Pascal,

Please note that the recurrence dialog is part of the demo application, not part of the product.

The EditTask dialog is already saving/loading its data from a dataset.

You can see this in EditTaskForm.cs file in EditTaskImp(string caption) function how to load information from a task into a dataset and then into the form.

Then see okBtn_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) function how to move data from the form into a dataset and validate it and save into a task object.

Saving and loading task information is done using special classes: EditTaskLoader, EditTaskSaver, EditTaskSaverBase and EditTaskValidator. The dataset that represents all fields of a task is EditTaskFormData. These classes are part of Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.Common because they are used by both WinForms and WebForms demos.

Hope this helps.

Roman Korchagin


Hello Pascal,

Source code for Aspose.Recurrence is now available for purchase. Please see the Purchase section of the website and forward any questions related to purchasing source code to info@aspose.com.


I can’t seem to figure out the cost for source using your pricing tool. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious information about this. Can you help?


Hi markb,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.

We can sell source code, but it is by negotiation. Ben Li at info@aspose.com will be able to help you. I will let him know.


Hi mark,

Generally we do not sell source code of our components. But in some cases we can sell source code of Aspose.Recurrence. Please talk to me using one of the Live Support at Contact Aspose.