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600 dpi pdf documents?

I’m currently evaluating the demo, since I have to do some pdf generation for a printing company, and they are relative fuzzy about hi-resolution documents :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to find any places to set the resolution. Am I missing something in the documentation, or could someone tell me how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

Dear QuaLjyn,

Thanks for your consideration.

Here is a word I picked from PDF reference:
PDF relies on the same imaging model as the PostScript? page description language to describe text and graphics in a device-independent and resolution-independent manner.

So you should not set resolution in Aspose.Pdf but in Acrobat when printting it.

Hmm, I can’t really understand that it can be the case. How do you set up things precisely, if inches is the measurement? Somehow the “grid” ought to be known, in order to set up which resolution to print. When I did some PDF’s with a PHP proggy, I’m quite sure the resolution were set through the component, and not in Reader.

I’ll look some more into it, but I’m quite sure, that the resolution must be set on the document, and then, if wished, printed in an arbitrary resolution.


Dear QuaLjyn,

Thanks for your consideration.

In Aspose.Pdf you can use pixel,cm and inch as measurement. And floating number is allowed. So you can position things precisely. For example, you can set the width of a line to 0.1 pixel, but some device maybe can’t print a line like that.