65K row limit &


I just came across you software and I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me.

What kind of performance are you achieving (i.e. how many lines of excel can be written per minute)?

How do you handle the 65K row limit?

Can 1 report automatically span multiple tabs on excel? Let’s say I am getting a list of customer by partner and I want each partner on a separate tab.




Dear Steve,

Thanks for your consideration.

1. I have not tested the performance exactly.
General speaking, the performance is related to many aspects, such as the amount of data, styles, pictures, charts and etc.
I can give you a round test result.

In my laptop:
Test Environment:
Win2000 Pro + DotNet Framework 1.0
P4 1.7G + 256M RAM
Test File:
12MB, 12000 rows/ 19 columns
Test Result:
Read: 4 seconds
Write: 8 seconds

2. 65K row limit is set by Microsoft Excel. I have to obey the limit.

3. What’s the style and content of your report? Currently, maybe you have to span it by your own code. I think it’s easy to do so.