A couple of questions regarding your Aspose.pdf .net component


Dear Support,

We display xml invoices in a browser. The files used per invoice are

- xml file
- xsl stylesheet
- one or more gif files
- a css stylesheet

Can the Aspose.pdf .net component create a pdf using all of these files so that the invoice is created as a pdf looking the same as it does in a browser.

We want this technology to enable us to email the invoices whilst keeping the same look and feel.

One final question:

User look at scanned tiff images online as well as the invoices, eg. a delivery note and an invoice.

Can aspose.pdf create a pdf that includes the tiff file and the xml from above?


Graham O’Riley


Dear Graham,

Thanks for your consideration.

1) Creating pdf from your files directly is not supported. You should implement an engine to transform your xsl stylesheet into Aspose.Pdf’s XML format.

2) Adding your scanned tiff images into the pdf file is supported.

  1. Ok.

    1) I’m not sure how to go about transforming our xml into an aspose format.

    Could you produce the aspose.pdf xml for us from a xml file as a demonstration


    describe the steps/tools required.




Dear Graham,

Thanks for your consideration

Please send an example of your files to me.