A few questions on 1.2 Functionality


I have downloaded the 1.2 demo.
Pretty good, already got a demo app together to persaude the boss to buy it :slight_smile:
some questions, though

1, Handling MailMergeRegions as extra rows in a word table
I tried to add extra rows onto my word table for each of the records in my database table.
It doesn’t work as i thought, it just tries to add the extra data within that table row.

If I put the MailRegions fields before and after a little table, it works.
but it creates a bunch of individual tables with newlines between them.

I wanted to have the word table header row followed by a row for each of the database
records. Any Solutions ?

2, Do you have examples on how to insert images (*.bmp, *.gif etc)

3, Do you have examples on how to insert active objects (idealy Visio Diagrams)

4, I would like to build large documents by combining small template documents,
each customised with different pieces of data.

For Example
A generated report in 3 different versions
(one for the CEO with general information)
(one for the Marketing Director with extra Web Access and Traffic information)
(one for the Technical Director with extra codea production and build information)

If the components was able to combine documents, then i could have a set of doc
templates that could be combined to automatically generated the different versions
with low maintence, since it is all broken down into litlle sections which are re-used

Any thoughts ?


Hi Ian,

1. Rows in a table can certainly grow, that’s what the Invoice demo is showing. You should have both TableStart:XXX and TableEnd:XXX mail merge fields in the same row of the table. Between them you should have other mail merge fields that correspond to the fields from the table you want to insert. If you still have trouble email your file to word@aspose.com and I will have a look.

2. We plan to implement insert of images during mail merge in the near future (this month). Is this what you are asking? Insert image during mail merge?

3. We have not planned inserting active objects during mail merge yet. You can have them inserted statically and Aspose.Word will preserve them in the document, but not during mail merge. Can you somewhow workaround this, for example by inserting picture snapshots of Visio diagrams instead of active objects? We’ll think about this idea here a bit more.

4. Other customers managed to get around this problem by building one template document with sections (Word sections) and then there is API in Aspose.Word to delete sections. So before mail merge (or after) some logic inside your code must decide which sections to delete and you’ve got completely custom reports. We had projects using documents of 30 pages or so.

Later we will add ability to copy parts from one document to another but if you okay to delete sections then you don’t need this feature right now.