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A page with Multiple columns

To whom it may conern,

I wonder if there is an efficient way to create multiple columned page using ASPOS.PDF.


Hello Dennis,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

In Aspose.Pdf document we have Sections which contain paragraphs collection. A paragraph is an abstract class which acts as a template and it may contain Text, Graph, Image, Table, Heading, FloatingBox or Form Field.

Regarding your requirement of creating miltiple columned page, you can use Paragraph. For more inforamtion, please visit Introduction to DOM and Working with Paragraphs.

Pleaes also visit Your First Application using Aspose.Pdf


Please refer to Section.ColumnInfo.

Thank you for your replies.

It looks like I added multiple columns using the ColumnInfo property in the section objects. However, how can I specify which column a new paragraph will belong to when I add a new paragraph to the section as below. Please let me know if I am doing wrong with the codes.

Thank you

Section loSection2 = loPDF.Sections.Add();

loSection2.ColumnInfo.ColumnCount = 2;

loSection2.ColumnInfo.ColumnSpacing = "100";

loSection2.ColumnInfo.ColumnWidths = "200, 150";

Text loText4 = new Text("This is the Second section first sentence.");

Text loText5 = new Text("This is the Second section second sentence.");



Hello Dennis,

We are working over this issue, and will reply to you soon.


If you want a paragraph to be rendered into a new column, you can set Paragraph.IsFirstParagraphInColumn.

codewarior, forever,

Thank you for your reply. As forever pointed out, I could move to populate the next column by setting the property to be true, but actually I expect a little more flexibility to control the columns. Do you have ETA for this issue.


Hello Dennis,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Could you please elaborate your requirement, so that we may have a more clear understanding.