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A proposed "Array to PDF" feature

Proposed Aspose Feature -

Private Sub Arr3Pdf(ByVal arr2(,) As String, byVal Header as boolean, byval Title as string, byVal HeaderAttr as string, byVal TitleAttr byVal ImageColumn as string, byval ImageDir as string)

Arr2 = 2-D array Containing Data
Header = True/False - whether first row is Header
Title = title String
HeaderAttr = Font, Size, Style (unix type text attributes)
TitleAttr = Font, Size, Style (unix type text attributes)
ImageColumn = Column(s) containing image file name and size (e.g. 5;128x256, 6;128x256)
ImageDir = Default directory of all images


Dear Frank,

Thanks for your consideration.

We will consider your suggestion. Thank you!