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A really newbie quesiton: problems adding a reference to Aspose.Words

I’m just getting started with both Visual Studio 2005 and Aspose.Words, so forgive the really basic question.

I’ve created a new Web Site and used “Add Reference” to pull in Aspose.Words. In the Solution Explorer pane, under the Bin directory, I see “Aspose.Words.dll” and “Aspose.Words.xml”.

I’ve dropped a button onto the Default.aspx page and I’m coding directly in the button. My first problem is that in the VB code for the button, I cannot use:

Dim doc as Document = new Document("c:\test\test.doc")

Instead I have to use

Dim doc as Aspose.Words.Document = new Aspose.Words.Document("c:\test\test.doc")
TextBox1.Text = doc.BuiltinProperties.Title

How can I add that namespace to the website project so I don’t have to refer to it (Aspose.Words.Document)? (I’m a Java developer coming into the .NET world for the first time! I didn’t see an “import” statement).

My second problem is that (even with the explicit namespace), when I run the very simple code above, I get an error:

Aspose.Words.PleaseReportException was unhandled by user code
Message="**Unknown complex shape property id:910**. For free technical support, please post this error and the file in the Aspose.Words Forums http://www.aspose.com/forums/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=75."

Thanks for your help. My company will become a (paying) customer as soon as I can get the trial version to work!

Okay, I’ve discovered “Imports” and resolved the namespace problem.

I’m still getting the error message however when the line 3 (below) executes:

Unknown complex shape property id:910. For free technical support, please post this error and the file in the Aspose.Words Forums http://www.aspose.com/forums/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=75.

I have been successful in using Aspose.Words to create a new document, but I just can’t open an existing file. Very puzzling.

Here’s my complete (very simple, but non-working) code:

Dim filename As String
filename = "C:\AsposeWork\Document1.doc"
Dim doc As Document = New Document(filename)
TextBox1.Text = doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Title

There seem to be some undocumented binary structure in that document that we don’t know how to handle yet. Please attach the document. We will research and fix this problem by the time of the next release which will be published in a few weeks.

Best regards,

Thanks for your message… I’m glad I’m not going crazy.

The sad part is that the document is extremely simple. I just pasted some text into it from a website. I’ve attached the document for your review.

Thanks for the document. I have reproduced the problem and logged it to our defect base as issue #1310. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Fixed in Aspose.Words 4.0.1. Aspose.Words now works with this document correctly.

Please download and use the latest version.

Thank you… that document works now.

Here’s another that still produces the error message.


Thank you for reporting this to us. I’ve logged this as issue #1328. We will try to resolve it shortly.

It’s been fixed, will release in few days.

These issues were caused by some obscure shape attributes related to javascipt. You paste HTML from a website and HTML contains javascript and MS Word actually embes javascript into the Word documents. We did not even know this was possible.

The problem is fixed in Aspose.Words for .NET 4.0.2. You can download new version from here:

Best regards,