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A5 size not recognized


Our customers are using templates when creating book files. When we moved to Aspose our A5 template (and some other sizes) is no longer recognized as being the right size.

I’ve attached the file we are having trouble with (a5_template_original.doc)

I also tried creating a new file from scratch and it seems to convert properly. (a5_template_new.doc)

Is there some unsupported data in the first file that is causing it to not be recognized properly?

We are running Aspose.Words for .NET version 9.8.0



Thank you for your inquiry.
Unfortunately I do not quite understand what exactly the error and how to reproduce it. If you mean that open your document and save again, and then it loses page size, I could not reproduce your problem on my side. I used to check the latest version you can download it here.