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About connections between shapes


Is it possible to connect tow ShapeEx shapes with ConnectorEx shape?

In Powerpoint pia it would happen like this:

s = BaseSlide.Shapes.AddConnector(Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoConnectorType.msoConnectorCurve, 1, 1, 1, 1);
s.ConnectorFormat.BeginConnect(BaseSlide.Shapes[Source], BeginConnSite);
s.ConnectorFormat.EndConnect(BaseSlide.Shapes[Destination], EndConnSite);


Hi Olavi,

I have tried to understand the requirements shared by you. Can you please kindly share the issue in some more details along with a sample presentation depicting the requirement.

Many Thanks,

Enclosed is a pptx file, where you can see a correctly connected connector between two rectangles and a not so correctly connected one between ellipses.

The connector is not a mere arrow; it keeps the connection, while you move the connected shapes. You can try this with the rectangles.

If you click on the shape, you can see the red dots in the end of the shape, Now if you move the red dot (or the end of the connector)over the shape, you can see connection points on the sides of the shape. Those are point where you should connect the connector.

The ellipses are connected in suboptimal way, but if you select the connector and right-click it, you can find a “Reroute connectors” selection. By clicking it, PowerPoint calculates shortest route between the shapes.


Hi Olavi,

I have observed the requirements shared by you and like to share that unfortunately support for connecting connectors in PPTX is currently unavailable in case of PPTX. An issue with ID 31657 has been created recently to further investigate and resolve this issue. Currently, you can add different types of connector shapes in PPTX but the feature is not available to connect them. We will share the further information with you as soon as the issue will be resolved. The following code is used to add different type of connector shapes.

PresentationEx pres = new PresentationEx();
SlideEx slide = pres.Slides[0];

int id = slide.Shapes.AddConnector(ShapeTypeEx.StraightConnector1 , 200, 300, 40, 70);

ShapeEx conn = slide.Shapes[id];

// Set connector style
ConnectorEx con = (ConnectorEx)conn;

con.ShapeStyle.EffectStyleIndex = 2;

con.LineFormat.FillFormat.SolidFillColor.Color = Color.Red ;
con.LineFormat.Width = 5;

We are sorry for your inconvenience,