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About Contact properties

Hi All:

I am using Aspose.Email.dll version 4.2.
I have attached the excel file that contains list of Contact properties that we are not able to set.
Can you please provide solution for the same?


Hi Pooja,

Please have a look at the following code sample for some of the properties that you mentioned in the Excel file. For the remaining from the Excel file, I was not able to set these using Outlook even while some are those that related to MapiTask instead of MapiContact such as Billing Info, Mileage. I have re-attached the Excel sheet here by marking some properties as Green (whose sample code is given here) while others as red that I can’t find implementing using Outlook. Please guide us about the Red entries so that we can assist you further.

Sample Code:

MapiContact contact = new MapiContact();<o:p></o:p>

//Define a Home address which includes city, street,Post Office Info, Country, State, Address

MapiContactPhysicalAddress address = new MapiContactPhysicalAddress();

address.Address = "Home Address";

address.City = "Sydney";

address.Street = "St 160. H.No. 43, G13";

address.IsMailingAddress = true;

address.PostOfficeBox = "34521";

address.Country = "Australia";

address.StateOrProvince = "Australia";

//set it to contact's Home address

contact.PhysicalAddresses.HomeAddress = address;

//set Other address and PO Box

contact.PhysicalAddresses.OtherAddress.Address = "Some Work Address.";

contact.PhysicalAddresses.OtherAddress.PostOfficeBox = "3432";

//Set Web Page

contact.PersonalInfo.PersonalHomePage = "www.new MapiContactElectronicAddress(.com";

//Define emails

contact.ElectronicAddresses.Email1 = new MapiContactElectronicAddress("email1@domain.com");

contact.ElectronicAddresses.Email2 = new MapiContactElectronicAddress("email2@address.com");

contact.ElectronicAddresses.Email3 = new MapiContactElectronicAddress("email3@address.com");

//Save Contact in MSG format

MemoryStream stream= new MemoryStream();

contact.Save(stream, ContactSaveFormat.Msg);

stream.Position = 0;

//Load in MapiMessage

MapiMessage mapi = MapiMessage.FromStream(stream);

DateTime startDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);

FollowUpOptions options = new FollowUpOptions("Follow up", startDate, startDate.AddDays(2), startDate.AddDays(1));

options.RecipientsFlagRequest = "Forward";

options.RecipientsReminderTime = startDate;

//Set follow up options

FollowUpManager.SetOptions(mapi, options);


Hi Pooja,

Thank you for providing the feedback.

These are general properties that are related to general MSG formats and can be accormodated in the MapiPropertyCollection of a MSG. We have investigated this requirement at our end and logged it as: NETWORKNET-34405 in our issue tracking system for implementation. We’ll update you here once there is some information available in this regard.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Hi :

Any updates?


Hi Pooja,

Our development team is working on providing more general MapiProperties and this will be implemented in the Aspose.Email for .NET 4.5.0 version that will be available by the end of August 2014. We’ll notify you here once the feature has been implemented and fix version is available for download.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as NETWORKNET-34405) have been fixed in this update.

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