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About psb load support

Document says, aspose.psd supports load of psb files.
But when I try to load psb files, I can see this exception.
com.aspose.psd.coreexceptions.imageformats.PsdImageException: Unknown resource header
	at com.aspose.psd.internal.js.h.a(Unknown Source) ~[aspose-psd-21.7-jdk16.jar:21.7]
	at com.aspose.psd.internal.jn.a.load(Unknown Source) ~[aspose-psd-21.7-jdk16.jar:21.7]
	at com.aspose.psd.Image.a(Unknown Source) ~[aspose-psd-21.7-jdk16.jar:21.7]
	at com.aspose.psd.Image.b(Unknown Source) ~[aspose-psd-21.7-jdk16.jar:21.7]
	at com.aspose.psd.Image.load(Unknown Source) ~[aspose-psd-21.7-jdk16.jar:21.7]

Can you give me some code snippet for psb load?
I’m using com.aspose:aspose-psd:21.7:jdk16


The loading of PSB file should work fine with the following code snippet:

//Create Image instance and initialize it with an existing image file from disk location
string path = "C:\\temp\\image.psd";
using (Aspose.PSD.Image image = Aspose.PSD.Image.Load(path))
    //do some image processing

If the issue is still reproducible, then, could you please provide the image you are trying to open and the code you are using to load this image?

Thank you.

Because I’m using the java library, So I will give you some code snippet.

val imageLoadOptions = PsdLoadOptions()
imageLoadOptions.loadEffectsResource = true
val psdImage = Image.load(stream, imageLoadOptions) as PsdImage
psdImage.use {

Exception occurs during Image.load(stream, imageLoadOptions)

Can I know when com.aspose.psd.coreexceptions.imageformats.PsdImageException: Unknown resource header exception occurs?


We’ll notify you as soon as we get the result.

Thnak you.