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About the quality of the picture


The Android platform, how to set the quality of the image after conversion?


Thanks for your query.

Do you render image from the worksheet using Sheet to image feature by Aspose.Cells for Android APIs? If you are using EMF image file format type, then it will render image with enhanced quality because EMF is vector graphic type. If you need to use PNG as image format, you may try to set a larger horizontal/vertical resolutions in ImageOrPrintOptions. See the following sample code to get PNG image with better quality:
Sample code:

ImageOrPrintOptions imgOption = new ImageOrPrintOptions();
					SheetRender sheetRender = new SheetRender(worksheet, imgOption);

Hope, this helps a bit.

Thank you for your answer,but setting a larger width and resolution does not guarantee the quality of the image.And in the case of Chinese, the text will overlap.


I think in that case, you may try to use EMF image format which does not require any horizontal/vertical resolution or other attribute settings because it is already enhanced or optimized.

But EMF files are not compatible on other platforms.


I think you may try to use PNG/JPG image format type. If you find any issue, kindly do provide us sample code (runnable) and template files with all the details with screenshots to show the issue, we will check it soon.