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Accent Issue in Header/Footer in .NET


I use Aspose.Cells to export data in a Excel File.

In the detail, with Aspose.Cells :

  • I open a "model excel file" in the server
  • I fille the worksheet with ImportTwoDimensionArray method
  • I do some style management, like copy style for the first row cells
  • Save as a stream the result

My model excel file is set with all needed values in page setup to be well printable (landscape, header.footer, printgrid, ...)

I have a problem with the result file : the accent characters in the header is replace by another characters.

In the zip file attached, you can find a screen copy of the excel preview of the model and the result file. You have also the model excel file used.


I will check and fix this problem ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

Please try this attached fix. It’s solved.