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Access chart by name


Just a little question, we are realy happy by using aspose cell. We use many template excel file, filled with our application. Do you plan or is it already possible to access chart in the template by the chart name ? (We use Excel 2007 to make the template but we export it in xls file).

Thanks a lot for your answer.


Hi David,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Could you elaborate what do you mean by accessing a chart by name?

Normally, you can access a chart in the template file by its index position in the worksheet using the following code like:

Chart chart = worksheet.Charts[chartIndex];

Thank you.


in excel 2007 you can name a chart as you name a range. And you can access a chart by it's name. So my question was, if it's plan to make an acces like the namedrange with chart.


Thanks for the answer.


OK, We will support this feature (for Excel 2007) soon.

Thank you.