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Access is denied in Aspose.PDF

It used to happen very seldom, but now I get this every 5-10 runs now.
I have rebooted 4 times today! It appears that I have to reboot to clear it.
It appears as if some files are written to the framework folder and they are locked.

What is causing it and how do I fix it?

Situation: Win2K, ASP(vb).Net web app using Aspose.pdf. v 1.7.0.
Run the program in debug mode and it will fail to start with the “Access is denied Aspose.PDF” error.


Dear Earl,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

It seems to be privilege problem. Can you please describe your application and give the detailed error message? And you can try the latest version (1.9.2) because there are many enhancement.
You can’t run in debug mode must because remote debuging is not allowed in you application.