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Access to the path '\\[path]\Temp.001.png' is denied

I am building an ASP.NET 2.0 app for our MIS department and we purchased ASPOSE.TOTAL for .NET and I recently upgraded to version

I wrote the function that I cut and pasted below to convert MS Word documents to PDF. This function works if the Word document we are converting does NOT contain images. But if the MS Word document has images inserted into it, then I get error messages like "Access to the path '\\nas-arctic\document\apps\aims\6139\Temp.001.png' is denied. "

I am attaching a copy of a typical MS Word document that has an image that has been giving me this problem.

The web server uploads the MSWord files to another file server and accesses the file for conversion ot PDF using UNC paths. The server uses impersonation with a fixed identity. If I grant EVERYONE full control to the folder where the Temp.001.png file is being created, then the function works. But, if the user account used for impersonation is given full control on both the "Sharing" and "Security" tabs and it still gives me the "Access to the path \\[path]\Temp.001.png' is denied error message.

Please let me know what the problem is

----Beginning of cut-and-pasted code-----

Private Function ConvertWord(ByVal ItemPath As String, ByVal SourceFile As String, ByRef ErrorMessage As String) As Integer

Dim pdf As Aspose.Pdf.Pdf = New Aspose.Pdf.Pdf()


Dim doc As Document = New Document(ItemPath & SourceFile)

doc.Save(ItemPath & "\Temp.xml", SaveFormat.AsposePdf)

pdf.BindXML(ItemPath & "Temp.xml", Nothing)

pdf.IsImagesInXmlDeleteNeeded = True

pdf.Save(ItemPath & "Temp.pdf")

Catch ex As Exception

ErrorMessage = ex.Message

Return -1

End Try

If ErrorMessage = "" Then

'If ErrorMessage <> "", that means the PDF Files got appended successfully. Then delete the temp and old master file.


File.Delete(ItemPath & "Temp.xml")

Catch ex As Exception

ErrorMessage = ex.Message 'I guess there is an error message now.

Return -1

Exit Try

End Try

End If

Return 1

End Function

----End of cut-and-pasted code-----


Thanks for your inquiry. ASP.NET Web applications usually run using the built-in ASPNET account. So I think that this account doesn’t have rights to access to shared folder. You can try using a custom account instead ASPNET.

Maybe the following article could be useful for you.

Also as workaround you can save images and xml in subfolder of your site (but you should set read/write permissions for this folder).

I hope that this could help you.

Best regards.