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Access to the Tables collection


I was wondering if you have plans in the near future to provide access to the tables collection and its members? From what I have read in the forum, any work that must be done in existing tables in a document that I wish to edit through Aspose.Word, I would have to do it through a mail merge.

The document that I must edit does not do mail merge at all. I start from a basic template and insert data, but the data comes from multiple recordsets, and must all go into 7 different tables in the document. It was much easier to access the tables collection directly from Word than to define mail merge fields in every cell of every table.

As I understand the mail merge process, it is essentially one merge document for every data row of a recordset. This would not work for me, as I have approx 30 rows if data that must go into my 1 document.



Thank you for interest in Aspose.

Yes, we will implement the tables collection when we switch to the Word-like object model. But this won’t happen anytime soon, probably several months away.