Accessing footers


I am still using the older version of ASPOSE.Slides to generate power point presentation, version, using java language .
My master template contains headers and
footers, is there any way to access the footers and replace some texts? if yes
, can you provide an example. And by looking at the current docummentation, it says, I can access the footer through MetaCharacter class, however; this versiopn doesntt support it, is there any way to download the docs for the version I am currently using.

Many thanks,

Dear Moussa,

MetaCharacters class exists in Aspose.Slides for JAVA You can use it to detect the type of TextFrame.

As an example, I have updated this thread with JAVA code, which sets the footer and page number text on master slides.

Thank you for your reply, MetaCharacters class is not available to me. I will re-check the version number.