Accessing named Ranges in Designer File



business supplies us with some Workbooks we are to scan data of / fill data in. They mark the area we need to deal with using a named range. When I load up the designer file into Aspose.Excel the Sheet.Cells.Ranges property does not return any predefined ranges. Is this by design? Is there any other area I can look up predefined ranges in?

Any help would be appreciated




Hi Kai,

Please try Worksheets.GetNamedRanges method.



thanks for the update. I should read the docs more carefully. However, I have just tried it and found out that there seems to be a problem with the named range being returned.

Taks the attached Excel file and inspect the Range called “daten” (w/o quotes). It claims to start on row 10 / column 1 and is 14 rows high / 7 columns wide.

However I have extended the original range (that was set up as such) to start on row 7 / column 1 and being 17 rows high / 7 columns wide.

If you could possibly check this, please. I’m using version




BTW: When you open the attachment in Excel, select the range, it looks just fine


I don’t find this problem. Please try the attached fix.



using this fix, the problem does not show.

Thanks a lot