Accessing named ranges


I have troubles to find out whether it is possible to access ranges via their names.

I have an XLS file with several randes defined in it. I, however, do not know what are the names of these ranges.

First I need to find out the names of all ranges. Using these names I need to address the ranges and extract the values from their cells.

Is it possible to do this using Aspose.Excel ?
If so, plese give me a hint how can I do this.



Hi, thanks for your consideration.

Now Aspose.Excel does not support this feature. I will think of your suggestion and add it to Aspose.Excel in the future. Could you tell me your expected date of this feature?


Hi Laurence,

thank you for your response.
We are currently finishing the 1st phase of the development for a very important customer. The test release is scheduled in approx. 2 weeks, so the expected date of this feature for me is ASAP. However, we have temporarily solved this problem in a different way, therefore it is not that pressing.
Could you please advise me whom within the Aspose could I talk to concerning the Licensing. I have a question which I would not like to discuss on a public forum.

thank you in advance



Dear Michal,

I will investigate this feature and add it to Aspose.Excel ASAP.

About the licensing question, you can directly send email to and talk to Ben.


Dear Laurence,

thank you