Accounting Styling on Workbook increasing the size of the excel drastically

We are currently facing this issue on Aspose.Cells version 19.3.

the file size increase is observed when we have huge range like 2000 rows and 3000 columns(even if the cells do not have any amounts in them).

below is our code sample:
Cells cells = wsheet.Cells;

        Aspose.Cells.Range _staticAccountRange = cells.CreateRange(1, 1, 
        cells.MaxDataRow - 1, cells.MaxDataColumn - 1);
        Style accStyle = wsheet.Workbook.CreateStyle();
        accStyle.Custom = "#,##0";
        StyleFlag accStyleFlag = new StyleFlag();
        accStyleFlag.NumberFormat = true;
        _staticAccountRange.ApplyStyle(accStyle, accStyleFlag);

Could you please let us know if there is a workaround for this without actually upgrading the aspose version?

You may please test the scenario with the latest version and if still issue is there, share your complete runnable console application along with the sample Excel file for our reference. We will reproduce the issue here and share our feedback accordingly.

When you apply the style to a Range, all the cell objects in it must be instantiated and set the corresponding style to them. Such a large data set needs to be saved to the result file, so the file size will definitely increase considerably.

If your Range covers entire row or column, you can set the style on the row or column, then those Cell objects will not be instantiated and the file size will not increase.