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Add new texts with bullets is not working well


I am adding new texts with many "\r\n" in my slide with bullet in each paragraph.

The texts were added, but the bullet is showing only in the first paragraph.

When I used TextFrame to do it, the text style was changed. It is look like the Title text style. I want keep the same format of the Shape.

If I don´t use TextFrame the text shows correct, but the bullets is not working well.

My C# code is below:

char[] delimiters = new char[] { '\r', '\n' };
string[] split;

Paragraphs paras = presMain.Slides[presMain.Slides.LastSlidePosition].FindShape("Comentario.Conteudo").TextFrame.Paragraphs;

split = dtRow["comentario"].ToString().Split(delimiters);

Paragraph para = paras[iPosicaoParagrafo];
para.Portions[0].Text = split[0];
para.HasBullet = 1;
para.BulletOffset = 0;
para.TextOffset = 100;
para.SpaceAfter = 500;

for (int i = 1; i < split.Length; i++)
Paragraph paraNew = new Paragraph(para);
paraNew.Portions[0].Text = split[i];


I have copied the shape from a presentation used in one of your example and it is working well now.

I do not know why, but it is working.

Kind regards,