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Add TOC in Existing PDF


My team and I areattempting to add a TOC page to a merged PDF document using the example code that you posted here:


While the TOC page is being generated, we believe there is an issue when the TOC page grows to be greater than 1 page. For example, we are merging many documents that can easily exceed 100 PDF pages and easily be more than 1 page of TOC. In these cases (TOC pages > 1) the linkage to the documents is not correct.

Some background. In our code we calculate the # of TOC pages and create a dictionary of the 1) document and the 2) respective page# that on the merged PDF. Calculating the # of TOC pages ahead of time allows us to know the exact page of a certain pdf document in the merged file. For bookmarks this is a sample of our code:

foreach (File file in FileList)


OutlineItemCollection pdfChildOutline = new OutlineItemCollection(_doc.Outlines);

// use the file name if no bookmark name is supplied

pdfChildOutline.Title = file.fileName;

// Page # for this bookmark.

// *** pageDictionary returns the exact page of the final merged PDF document

pdfChildOutline.Destination = new GoToAction(pageDictionary[file.fileName]);



Bookmarks work just fine. As for the TOC, the linkage is broken when TOC Pages > 1 and we cannot determine why. Can you please shed some light on how we can generate the TOC page to link them to page number AND show the page # provided inheading2.DestinationPage. Thanks, here is a snippet of the code we have for our TOC, which does not work when TOC pages > 1.

for (int i = 0; i < FileList.Count; i++)


// Create Heading object

Aspose.Pdf.Heading heading2 = new Aspose.Pdf.Heading(1);

TextSegment segment2 = new TextSegment();

heading2.TocPage = tocPage;


// Specify the destination page for heading object (front page of the current document)

heading2.DestinationPage = _doc.Pages[pageDictionary[FileList[i].fileName]];

segment2.Text = TGFileList[i].fileName;

// Add heading to page containing TOC




Ricky Lew

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PDFNEWNET-37774) have been fixed in Aspose.Pdf for .NET 9.9.0.

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