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Adding a CC when using MailClientAgent.Launch()?

The Launch() method of the Aspose.Windows.Forms.MailClientAgent class takes a RecipientCollection param.

I am looking for a way to put a single person in the “To:” field, the rest as "CC:"s. I don’t want them all in the “To:” line.

Is there anyway to do this now? If not, can this be added?


I will check with the developers to see how we can achieve this. I will get back to on this as soon as possible.


Hello, please try the following code:

RecipientCollection to = new RecipientCollection();//recipeint
to.Add(new Recipient(""));
to.Add(new Recipient("", RecipientType.CC));

MailClientAgent agent = new MailClientAgent();//mail client

string filePath = Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\\test.txt";
if (System.IO.File.Exists(filePath))
agent.Launch("hello, kyle", "Hi, man\r\nWhat are you doing?", to, new string[] { filePath });
agent.Launch("hello, kyle", "Hi, man\r\nWhat are you doing?", to,null);