Adding rows to a table


In the powerpoint i have to create there will be several tables.

The size of these tables and the number of rows in each table will obviously change according to a selection.

what i was hoping to do was in the template have the Header row and then using the code add the data rows.

i am aware that they really are not tables as to speak but this is vital.

i am coding a web app in vb.

Another question i have is if there is a way to identify a particular shape.

as on one of the slides i have a group of shapes each being a country which makes up a world map. what i would like to do is say indentify the France country shape and change it’s colour so that it stands out on the map.

Now i see that changing shape colours is included but i am unsure about how i could give each country shape an identifier.

Thank You.


Dear JTaylor,

Thank you.
1. Changing tables will be implemented but little later. I included it to our planes.
2. Shape identifiers. Teoretically each group frame inside a presentation (not in the Aspose.PowerPoint) has property “shapename”. I will investigate if it’s possible to use it for identifying single shapes but I’m affraid MS PowerPoint will clear this property on save document.


I was wondering if you could use the web > alternate text property of shapes to indentify a shape.

i know this exists in powerpoint 2003.

Thank you.



Is there any update on the support for tables (specifically add,delete,edit rows).

Will it be ready for the end of september?

which version(i.e that has table support & shape colours) would i have to purchase ?

Thank you.


Dear James,

I’m planning to start work with shapes (lines, rectangles, etc) and tables tomorrow.
Yes, I hope tables will be ready at the end of September. You need Standard Edition to use it.



Can you please tell when this functionality will be ready?



Dear James,

I will publish first hot fix with tables for testing on Monday.
And final release on 10th of October.