Adding Text to an existing HeaderFooter

I am trying to add text to an existing HeaderFooter object. I am creating a Document object and loading it with RTF. The RTF text already has headers and footers defined. I have been using the DocumentBuilder object, navigating to the HeaderFooter and adding text but its not displaying after I save and open the document. I’m not sure what is wrong. Please review the attachment and see if you can advise.

Additionally, How can I add information to the bottom of the headerfooter instead of the top where the DocumentBuilder puts it?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your inquiry. The header/footer has paragraphs with hidden formatting. When you insert the text in the header/footer, the text will be written with hidden formatting. Please check the attached image for detail.

Please use the following modified code to achieve your requirements.

Document doc = new Document(@"C:\temp\input.rtf", loadOptions);
Console.WriteLine("LoadWarnings: " + loadWarnings.ToString());
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);
builder.Font.Hidden = false;
builder.Write("This is my header... there are none... wait...");
builder.Font.Hidden = false;
builder.Write("Footers are a dime-a-dozen...");
DocumentWarnings saveWarnings = new DocumentWarnings();
Aspose.Words.Saving.RtfSaveOptions saveOptions = new Aspose.Words.Saving.RtfSaveOptions();
saveOptions.WarningCallback = saveWarnings;
doc.FirstSection.PageSetup.DifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter = false;
doc.Save(@"C:\temp\output.rtf", saveOptions);

Great! Thanks for the information! I have a few follow up questions though.

  1. How were you able to determine there was hidden text?

  2. Will the ClearAllFormatting method clear the existing formatting in the header?

  3. Lastly, In my experiments my text was added to the beginning of the header or footer. How can I add text to the end of the header or footer?