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Adding to a template


With Aspose.Slides, do you have to ability to add to a template creating a powerpoint and then at a later time (e.g. through a button in .NET) reference that file to add more tables? Do these tables need to be predefined in the file as a placeholder? What would need to be created in the template ahead of time...slides, tables, etc?



Sorry, I didn’t really understand your question.
You can create presentation in MS PowerPoint and refer to it from Aspose.Slides.
Table can be created in the PowerPoint or directly with Aspose.Slides on the fly.
You can format it as necessary.

Create or not the template depends on your task.
If you need to generate many presentations with the same design it’s better
to create template and use it from Aspose.Slides.
But create presentation with Aspose.Slides from scratch also possible.

My customer wants to know for example if you can have two buttons on a webpage...each button exporting a graphic to PPT. I know each one can be done individually (click on button, graphic exports to a template PPT file and second button would create a 2nd file), but my question is can you export a graphic through a button (in .NET) and the PPT file pops up, then click another button in .NET and another graphic will be added to this same PPT file that is already open. Is this possible?


That is not task of Aspose.Slides to do such things. Probably it should be done in your application.
But just a my opinion. If you create presentation on the server side and send it to the client and
open with MS PowerPoint there are no ways to reopen file again. It will be another file.

Is it possible to create a presentation and save it in the OS without lauching the file to the user? Then I could reference the newly saved file again to add to it.

Each normal browser allows to choose what to do with downloaded files. Open it or save.