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Additional info regarging Aspose.Powerpoint


We are evaluating options to create powerpoint presentations dynamically from Java and found your product. would like to know more more information about the following product:

In terms of technical environment for the Java version:

1. can the API allow reordering of slides programatically?
2. can the API run in a J2EE application server such as Tomcat/Jboss/Weblogic etc. and does the java version need Microsoft .NET framework installed on the server?

In terms of your cost structure:

- what is your licensing cost model - is it subscription based - an annual cost?

- what is your support cost model - how many months coverage do you provide at what cost, SLA time when we have issues etc.?

- how often you have patches/upgrades (your release roadmap basically)?



Dear Vijay,

  1. Yes, you can do slides reordering but not directly. You can copy slide to a new position and delete old one.
  2. Aspose.PowerPoint tested with Tomcat and JBoss but several our
    customers use library with Weblogic. You don’t need .Net framework if
    you use “for Java” version. You should have only Java runtime and JAI

    For each license details please check this page:

    You have one year of free upgrades and technical support.

    Usually we release hot fixes (it can be bug fix or new features) once a week.

    Simple problems can be fixed on the next day but some can take up to 2 weeks.

hi Alexey

thanks for your email. I will review the url link regarding cost structures.

I have a few more questions on the technical capability of Aspose.Powerpoint

1. Can the API produce read only PPT files or create PPS files?

2. Can the API convert PPT files to PDF?



  1. Read-only and crypted ppt files are not supported.

    PPS files are absolutely the same as PPT so you can simply rename it.

  2. You can export slides to SVG format and after that convert it to PDF with Batik.

hey - is there a limited 30day licence we can get to we can try the java API to get an idea of its capabilities and see if we can use it?



Please download evaluation version and try it.