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Additional input fields appear while converting Word to PDF

I am currently evaluating Word and PDF components. While converting a word file to pdf using memorystream to bind xml, I noticed additional input fields appearing next to some of the checkbox fields in the pdf. When I viewed the temporary xml, I noticed additional xml tags for some of the checkboxes which cause these new fields to appear. (The checkboxes in the word document were inserted using InsertCheckbox feature of Mail Merge)

I've attached the screenshot for reference.

Kindly let me know why this happens and how should I rectify this.

Thanks for considering Aspose.

This problem may be caused by Aspose.Words randomly inserting some xml tags when converting Word2Pdf with trial version of product, but we need to affirm it from them.

Meanwhile could u provide the word document?

Thanks for your cooperation.

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve attached the doc file.

These fields are actually present in the initial document, although they are hidden. To reveal hidden text in MS Word check the Tools | Options | View | Formatting marks | Hidden text checkbox .

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Thank you for pointing this to me. I made necessary corrections to the doc and its working fine now.