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AddNotes causes corrup presentation after cloneslide - "part of the file is missing"

Please see the attached sample. When I do a cloneslide and then an "addNotes" in an attempt to copy the notes of the source slide, the resulting presentation will look ok when opened in PowerPoint but will not be valid- when I do a saveas and reopen the presentation, it will produce an error "PowerPoint can't open 'c:\....' part of the file is missing".

What's odd is that if I open the output in Aspose and then re-save it again, the problem goes away.



It appears taht my initial report was not quite accurate enough. Please see the attached sample. 80% of our presentations are corrupt when they are opened and saved in Powerpoint- that is to say that we generate the presentation using Aspose (every version after and after we open the output in PowerPoint and save it with a different name, the resulting file is corrupt. Powerpoint gives the error:

"PowerPoint can't open 'c:\....' part of the file is missing".

I was under the impression that this issue was fixed in, but it appears that it may have only been partially fixed for the previous sample I provided. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for all these presentations. I hope we fixed this problem now.
Please check 2.5.7 hot fix.