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Adequate License?

I would like to confirm the appropriate license for our development structure.

We have a single development system with multiple test systems and the possibility of more than 1 production system that we deploy our single application to.

Since we have at any given time only 1 primary developer who would own and implement the functionality using the Aspose.Words API, we believe that the Developer OEM License would be adequate. Is this accurate?

As well, if needed in the future, could this license be moved to a new owner in the event the primary developer making the original license purchase is no longer the application owner?

Thank you for your prompt assistance in this inquiry,


Hey Sonya,

Thank you for the post. You are right on target about your license needs... a single developer OEM should cover everything nicely. If in the future you need to transfer the license to a new owner, simply post here and we will be glad to help with the process. Please be sure to let me know if there is any other way that I can help and I will be more than glad to.

Mr. Cooper,

We are interested in the purchase of the most recent v4.0 Aspose.Words.

It was noted (reference post: this release is expected in the next few days. We are unable to move forward with the purchase until it's official since the previous version of Words does not contain the functionality we need. I was wondering if you have a clear feel for exact date of release?

Thank you,


Hey Sonya,

Thank you for the reply and for the further information. In order to ensure you get the most accurate answer I am going to defer to the Aspose.Words development team. I am going to move this post there so they can answer you directly. Please be sure to let me know if there is any other way that I can help and I will be more than glad to.

Hi Sonya,

The 4.0 release is just a few days away.

Please note however, that we are selling 1-year subscriptions, not a license to a particular version. When you make a purchase you get a right to use any version of our product that will come during the next 1-year span. So you can proceed with purchase right now and and start using 4.0 beta right away and then update to 4.0 release.

Best regards,