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Adobe acrobat with Aspose pdf

Hi Aspose PDF team,

How can i merge the pd file which is created by using adobe acrobat with aspose pdf. Please give me tutorial on this.

Adding to above, I am already using aspose pdf with almost 14 pages, but due to huge size with 12,13 page which leads me huge MB size, i want to use Adobe acrobat for 12,13 page among 14. Please let me know can i merge these 12,13 pages with aspose.pdf?? if yes then How?/


Thanks for contacting support.

You can merge two PDF documents using Aspose.PDF. However, if your requirement are different, could you please share a bit more details about your requirements by sharing sample PDF documents and expected output. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Hi Asad,
Currently I am using aspose PDF and attaching my local PDF file to this aspose PDF. But issue is after attaching the my local PDF file to aspose PDF, the aspose PDF file reached to 2 mb size. As per client requirement the aspose file size should be approximately 1 mb not more than that.

To avoid size issue I have used saveastiff () method, but it’s costing to performance issue as it’s taking 3 to 4 mins for conversion so I cannot use it.
Second is to avoid performance issue I am using optimizeresource() method it’s giving performance but again it’s leads to size issue which is approximately 2 mb

Requesting you can you please tell me alternative solution how to decrease the file size. Don’t provide optimizeresource and saveastiff method I already tried that.


Can you please share the settings you are using for OptimizeResources() method? Also, please share if you are generating PDF file from scratch or modifying an existing one. We will share our suggestions accordingly.