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Adobe Designer 7.0 Fill field problem

Hi. Hope you can help me.
We made a pdf form for our suppliers with adobe designer 7.0 The goal is that with the pre-filled form with information about some products of our database, our suppliers could send us the quotation back. We notice that adobe designer 7.0 have the functionallity for submit in a xml format the pdf filled form.
We are trying to use aspose.pdf.form 1.2.0 but when we try to fill some textfields, and use the output pdf doesn't reflect the changes made in code. We use the designer field name (form[0].subform[0].TextField1[0]) and save the form.
But when we open the output pdf, the field doesn't reflect the value assigned by code. What's happening?
Thanks in advance

Dear alberto,

The main cause is that the Adobe Designer 7.0 is mainly developed for manual operation, so in some cases, it is not very convinient for programming with its field name format.

Make sure two things:
1) Find the complete field's name. It is not the same as you defined in the Designer.
2) Print out your field value in your debug process and make sure you have fill the correct value.

There are two ways to find the fields' name:

1) Use the Adobe professional 7.0 's ""Tools->Advanced Editing" to see the fields' complete name. In some case, the tools are disable in 7.0. You could use Adobe professional 6.0, it is ok generally.

2) Use our API to get the complete fields' names. The code will be post at the following.

//First a input pdf file should be assigned
Form form = new Form(@".\UnitTest\TestForm.pdf");
String[] fieldNames = form.FieldsNames;
for (int index = 0; index < fieldNames.Length; index ++)
Console.WriteLine("Name: " + fieldNames[index ] +
" value : " + form.GetField(fieldNames[index ]) +
" Type:" + form.GetFieldType(fieldNames[index ]));

3) About the format of a field name in Adobe Designer 7.0 . In general, the field's name is like this :"form1[0].#subform[0].YourFieldName[0]". The prefix like "form1[0].#subform[0]." (in different pdf it may be different) is created by Adobe, the middle like "YourFieldName" is the name you defined in the Designer, the suffix like "[0]" is added by Adobe too. If all the fields' names you defined in the Designer are not different, the suffix is always "[0]", otherwise it increases like "[1]" "[2]" and so on.

Best regards.