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Adobe Designer 7 Checkbox

I'm a little concerned about the product. Attached is a form created in Adobe Designer 7 with ONLY 1 CHECKBOX.

I am using your code to check this one box...yes with the full name.

Public Shared Function TestMerge() As Boolean

Dim form As New Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Form(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/Alighten/Resources/Forms/JobDescription.pdf"), HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/Alighten/Resources/Forms/output.pdf"))
Dim fullName As String = form.GetFullFieldName("TapeActive")
form.FillField(fullName, "Yes")

Catch ex As Exception

End Try
End Function

The product doesn't seem able to complete this task. The output file is created with an unchecked box. Does this product not support Adobe Designer 7!?


Thanks for your reporting,

Aspose.Pdf.Kit support most features of PDF version 1.6(Adobe Reader/Designer/Acrobat 7), even of the latest PDF version 1.7.

Please replace the string "Yes" with "1", then your codes will complete the task. And I will discuss about the possibility to enhance this function with other developers, considering various input.

Best regards,

OK I'll stop freaking out. Sometimes its "Yes" and sometimes its "1". I can live with that.

Thanks for the reply.



Dear bnye,

Thanks for considering our product.

The value of check box is defined by user or by default value (Commonly, "Yes" for Adobe 6 - and "1" for Adobe 7 +). However, we are considering to provide a universal interface Form.FillField(String fieldName, boolean checked) to select or unselect a check box. This will be included in the next release. Hope it helps. And any suggestion is sincerely welcomed :)

Best regards.

That would be cool. As far as I can tell in Adobe 7...if it was created with Adobe Designer it requires "1". If it was created with the standard form tools it requires a "Yes".

Edit: My boss just bought this for me. It's working well.