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Advanced Image Manipulation


I’m looking for a coding library for a product. Ultimately, what I need to do is combine two images. For example, below I have an image of Nicolas Cage, and an image of a shirt. I’d like to essentially change Nick’s shirt in code, like I can do in Photoshop. However, I do not want to just simply take the shirt image and overlay it. I want the new shirt to take shape, shade, move and fit as if Nick was actually wearing it.

ShirtReplacement.jpg (63.1 KB)

Is this something your library can do? It’s a little more advanced than tones and affects.


I have observed your requirements and like to share that Aspose.Imaging is a library providing a programmable interface for managing images. What you have requested is in fact a set of tasks that can be achieved using any custom built software like Photoshop etc. When your requirements are divided into different sub-tasks or features requested to achieve the goal, Aspose.Imaging may offer some of them but not all. Moreover, you will have to explore API using these features to see if that fits in your model. Unfortunately, there is no ready made solution for achieving your requirements,. For more about features supported in API, I suggest you to please visit this documentation link.

The problem is this would be a run-time requirement. In the example I have above, Maybe Nick wants that scene in the blue shirt, maybe he wants it in a black t-shirt… at run-time I’d like to overlay it in the most realistic way possible. I know I can do this with Photoshop, but that’s not run-time. It doesn’t sound like I’d be able to do this with Aspose.Imaging. Thank you


Yes, you are right that there will be nothing runtime in this since it a programmable API. You perform some action and then save file. Then you open the file to notice the changes made. I think API may not serve your requirements.