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Advice needed on datatypes when using aspose .word for .net

I am going to create a webservice(xxxx), which will actually expect a document from consumer and with the help of aspose word software xxxx will convert it as word doc or pdf doc and give it back to consumer again.

In this scenario, how can i go ahead, can you suggest in which format i can accept input parameters from consumers like what would be the data type I should use, so that i can pass the object wht consumer passing in to my aspose software and get the work done and pass the converted doc to consumer again.

Please suggest me in this, what would be the inout and output data types i need to use.Any sample code is also welcome.

I am going to use aspose.word for .net, as i am creating a .net (wcf)service.




Thanks for your request. Aspose.Words works only with MS Word documents, so using Aspose.Words you can work with DOC, DOCX, RTF, WordML etc documents. Please see the following link to learn which formats are supported by Aspose.Words:

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