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Ajax in GridWeb not working


I’m back with a new issue.
In the company I work for we have a template for developing web application in .NET. There is some specifics configuration, homemade framework, etc.

When I’m using GridWeb in this template, i don’t have any delay issue (that I have when i’m using a pretty huge GridWeb in a sample application).
But i am facing a problem : Ajax is not working. When i disable Ajax, all features work (freeze, sheets navigation, format cell, etc.).
But I have to use Ajax because the customer doesn’t want to reload the page when he does an action like freezing panes. And for unknown reason when I enable Ajax, nothing works.

What kind of configuration can block Ajax ? I was looking for a possible conflict with the specific configuration in the template but i can’t find out.

So i’m asking to you : what known issue are establish with using Ajax ?


Please download and try our latest fix/version: Aspose.Cells for GridWeb v2.7.15.2002

Also, in the “acwmain.js”, could you please change the line i.e…,:

var needInitAligmentAdjust=true
var needInitAligmentAdjust=false

the performance should be OK now.

If you still find the issue, kindly create a sample application, zip it and post it here with v2.7.15.2002. We will check your issue soon.

Thank you.

Thanks for your anwser.

Unfortunately it is still not working even if I use your latest version and changed the true for false.

I can’t give you a sample application because i’m not using a sample application. The template of my application is huge and i am using a lot of dll (Spring, Castle.DynamicProxy, antlr.runtime, etc.).
I think it’s one of them that blocks Ajax in the GridWeb but i don’t know which one.

The only thing i can do is to post my web.config file. Do you want it ?


I am afraid, web.config might not help much. We appreciate if you could create a separate application/project to reproduce the issue on our end. This way, we could trace the issue accurately to log it into our database and then figure it out soon (if we found the issue).

We appreciate your work/help in this regard.

Thank you.

Unfortunately i can’t create a sample project to show you the issue.

The context is too much complicated to reproduce and some components are private…
If i can’t use Ajax by enabling it in the GridWeb is there a solution to do the same using UpdatePanel ?

I have solved the problem !

To explain a little : i have a Check() function which check if the user has the rights to access to the pages. The pages list is stored in a database.
As the request URL sent by the control is like “Page.aspx/acw_ajax_call?param…” the function Check() understand that the page which needs to be check is “acw_ajax_call”. And obviously this page doesn’t exist in my database so the function try to redirect on error page. So the callback is not complete and nothing happends.

Thanks for your help !


Good to know that you sorted out your issue by yourself.

Feel free to contact us if you have some other query or issue. We will be happy to assist you.

Thank you.