All shapes of visio file not being read in


Hi, (303.0 KB)

I am using the Diagram Java package to read all shapes and textual content of a visio file that contains a flowchart within some Swimlane and vertical Separator component. The program is able to read the shapes of the Swimlanes and Separator but unable to get to the Flowchart Shapes and Textual Content in them.

What could be the possible cause of this?

Java code method snippet provided below -

public static void GetShapeText(Shape shape) {
	// filter shape text

	System.out.println("\nShape ID : " + shape.getID());
	System.out.println("Name : " + shape.getName());
	System.out.println("Master Shape : " + shape.getMaster().getName());
	System.out.println("Shape member layer : " + shape.getLayerMem().getLayerMember().getValue());

	String txt = "";

	if (shape.getText().getValue().getText() != "") {
		txt = (shape.getText().getValue().getText().replaceAll("\\<.*?>", ""));
		System.out.println("Text from shape added : " + txt);
		text += txt;

	// for image shapes
	if (shape.getType() == TypeValue.FOREIGN)
		text += (shape.getName());

	// for group shapes
	if (shape.getType() == TypeValue.GROUP)
		for (Shape subshape : (Iterable<Shape>) shape.getShapes()) {




We are looking into the scenario and will get back to you shortly.


Dear Asad,

Were you able to make some headway into the issue being faced? Is that a ASPOSE Java library issue?




Thanks for your patience.

We have tested the scenario using Aspose.Diagram for Java 19.8 and obtained following output. Would you please check it and point out the missing values which API was unable to extract from your shared diagram. We will further proceed to assist you accordingly. (2.8 KB)