I'm currently reviewing a trial version of your product.<br>I'm attempting to add revision protection to a document.<br>I'm using the following code:<br>            Document doc = new Document();<br>            doc.ProtectionType = ProtectionType.AllowOnlyRevisions;    <br>                -------doc creation code<br>             doc.Save(specDoc);<br><br>When I open the document, it is marked as "protected".  However, when I edit the document, the new text just appears as "normal" text not as "revison control" text, i.e. in red<br>    <br>

Yes, I can see that you are right. It seems that MS Word turns on 'Track Changes' switch impicitly for this to work. And we don't. The bad news is that TrackChanges document property is not exposed in our public API yet, so you cannot turn it on from your code. We will try to fix this problem in the next hotfix. Thanks for drawing our attention to this issue.