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Alternative for setImageFolderAlias() method for HtmlSaveOptions class


I have a question regarding htmlSaveOptions class for aspose.cells for java. I want to set alias image folder on htmlSaveOptions, but there is no such method to do that. In aspose.words htmlSaveOptions class there is method saveImageFolderAlias(), but there is no such method in aspose cells htmlSaveOptions api. Is there some alternative to do this in aspose.cells api? I know that in aspose.slides alternative can be made using ILinkEmbedController interface, is there some similar solution in aspose.cells?



I think you may implement IStreamProvider interface for setting the HtmlSaveOptions.StreamProvider property. By implementing this interface, you will be able to save the created resources during HTML generation to your specific locations or memory streams accordingly. See the document with example code for your reference.