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Am I Missing Something?


I've downloaded the evaluation and have been reading through the forum and looking at the demos but I'm not getting it; Here are my questions...

1) When you say "open a Word.doc with Apose", exactly, how does one do that? Is there actually an exe for Apose?

2) My project is to accomplish this. (Intranet) User logs in to aspx page; certain information is prefilled with cookie data and user fills in form field data on the aspx page. The cookie data and info entered into the fields on aspx page populates the corresponding fields on a word doc when user click "submit". The word doc will also need to have fields where the user can type variable data.

Is this possible with Apose?

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

1) Aspose.Word is not an executable application but component (dll) which is intended to be used in .NET applications. Aspose.Word provides its own object model to open, create, edit, save and do lots of other things with Word documents programmatically. A Word document is represented by the Document class so opening a document actually means creating an instance of this class (with the appropriate file name passed to the constructor) as described here:

2) This is surely possible and might be performed using a special operation called mail merge (populating predefined fields in a document with data from some data source). See the Performing Mail Merge section of our Programmers Guilde available here:

Also, see the description of the MailMerge.Execute method in the API reference, it contains a code sample that fills the document using data from textboxes.