Ambiguous match found


When trying to set the license in .NET for Aspose.Note we get this error. This is since our latest Aspose.Total license was issued and installed.Other Aspose products are working fine.

System.Reflection.AmbiguousMatchException: ‘Ambiguous match found.’

Very simple code.
Dim _strLicenseFileName As String = “Aspose.Total.lic”
AsposeNoteLicense = New Aspose.Note.License

The license file was added as an embedded resource of course.


Just in case you need to lookup the license, it is recorded under the email address that is associated iwth this account. Developer OEM.



Thanks for providing us details.

Please create a simple console demo application using latest version of Aspose.Note and zip the project (including your license file). You can send us zipped archive through a private message by clicking on my name (icon) and then pressing the Message button. Attach the attachment and post us, we will check it soon.


We updated to the newest version of the product. There is now a first-chance exception thrown but the processing continues and seems to work fine.


Thank you for the feedback and good to know that your issue is resolved.

Regarding the “First chance exception” message, most often it does not mean there is a problem in the code. For applications/components which handle exceptions gracefully, first chance exception messages let the developer know that an exceptional situation was encountered and was handled.

For code without exception handling, the debugger will receive a second chance exception notification and will stop with an unhandled exception.

Hence you may check the exception message and if it is related to Aspose.Note library, please share the details with us. We will look into it and provide assistance accordingly.