An Excel "Mail Merge" using smartmarkers to save as files


Hello...I'm evaluating Cells and Softartisan Officewriter to see which will work for my needs. I'd rather use you.

I have a database table with 200 records and I want to take fields of info from there and "mail merge" a smartMarker marked-up Excel .xls file and save the resulting output as individual files (the filenames are also a field in the same table).

I've looked on the site and haven't seen any code to do this using you already have sample code to be able to streamline this?

Also, when I run the Slides demo, it creates the PPT, but when I go to open it up it crashes PPT and I have to re-start PPT (I never can open it up) there a "smartMarker" feature on PPT as well?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for considerting Aspose.

For smart marker feature, please check .

And you can see the source code of a full-fledge smart marker demo after you install Aspose.Cells setup package.

For Slides question, Alexey will support you soon.


We had problems with several previous hot fixes of Aspose.Slides. Please use lastest 2.5.9 version.
Also could you tell me what demo you run?

We don’t have exactly the same “smartMarker” feature in the Aspose.Slides but you can also use templates and insert text to a special positions of a slide. We use Shape.AlternativeText property for that.
Please check article in the Wiki that explains how to use it:
Also you can find similar functionality in our Asp.Net “Template” general demo. It’s available in C# and VB.Net.