Any suggestion to generate PDF using Word document template

I have a requirement of maintaining various templates to generate PDFs with dynamic data coming from DB including binary data for some images along with some static text paragraphs.

Any suggestion to implement this use case where the templates can be maintained as word document templates and java program should be able to use them and dynamically generate PDF.

We have tried to evaluate Aspose library where the template currently we are using is in excel [ ASPOSE.Cell - Smart Markers] which is not user friendly to maintain. Instead, if it can be in word document template, then it would be really good.

The issue with word template is that probably it does not support smart markers as supported in excel templates.

Any input is really appreciated.

@Smital279 There are two options to achieve what you need:

  1. Mail Merge. In this case you can use either classic MS Word merge fields or mustache syntax for placeholders.

  2. LINQ Reporting Engine. This is more advanced reporting engine. In this case placeholders are defined as simple text with special syntax.