Applying Licence to Reports


I’m setting the Aspose Excel object as follows:

xls = New Aspose.Excel.Excel(GlobalConstants.APP_AsposeLicenceFile) where GlobalConstants.APP_AsposeLicenceFile is returning a mapped path to the file on the server but get the following error on that line:

Source : mscorlib
Procedure:Invalid character in a Base-64 string.

Any ideas?


Dear Andrew,

You need to use Excel Constructor (String, Page) to create a new Excel instance as Aspose.Excel is used in your web form app.

Instead, Excel Constructor (String) is used in a Windows forms app.

So th code to license your copy of Aspose.Excel should like this:

In C#:

string licenseFile = MapPath(“License”) + “\Aspose.Excel.lic”;

Excel excel = new Excel(licenseFile, this);

In Visual Basic .Net:

Dim licenseFile As String = MapPath(“License”) + “\Aspose.Excel.lic”

Dim excel As Excel = New Excel(licenseFile, Me)

Please let me know if you have problems.


Hi Ben

I have tried using the Excel Constructor in the format above but still get the same error.

I’m wondering if the Licence File contains an invaild character?




Dear Andrea,

As the licensing disucssion may disclose privacy of your organization please check your email.

Thanks for cooperation.