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April 1 for Java: still on track?

Hey Alexy,

I’ve got a project that requires the extraction of thumbnails from ppt using java.

When do you think that release will be ready? I’m a software engineer, so I understand that schedules slip. ;->

Regards and best wishes,


p.s. Your products look awesome, by the way. If I was a dot net guy I would be all over this stuff!

Really creating thumbnails will be ready before April, 1 but to draw metafiles we are waiting
for our new product Aspose.Metafiles. The estimated date for this new library is April, 1.
After that we need couple of days to integrate it with Aspose.Slides.

Awesome. I’ll keep an eye out in April then!

This would generate a jpg for each slide in any presentation, right?
That’s what I’m looking to develop… a “filmstrip” of a PPT


Right, but not jpg. It will generate Image or BufferedImage so you can save it to any format.

I don’t have to use saveToSVG anymore for preview generation?
But furthermore I have to use Batik to generate JPGs, haven’t I?

What are the advantages for the new functionality?

Kind regards.

It will draw images directly without intermediate SVG generation.
So you don’t need to use saveToSVG and Batik anymore for creating images.
SVG and Batik will be used for PDF generation only.

This will be really useful to me, as my application only needs to display the slides, not save .jpgs of them. I’m looking forward to this release!